USD40 Million Chimombe Goats Fake Story, Says Blackdeck
26 June 2024
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Blackdeck Rejects Allegations of Corruption in Presidential Goat Scheme

By A Correspondent | Harare, Zimbabwe – June 24, 2024 | (Private) Limited has issued a statement firmly rejecting recent claims by Nick Mangwana and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) that Mike Chimombe officiated or received USD 40 million from the government in connection with a tender for the Presidential Goat Scheme.

Mike Chimombe

In a detailed clarification released today, Blackdeck outlined the background and specifics of their contract with the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Development. The company emphasized that it was awarded the tender as the lowest bidder meeting all required specifications.

**Background and Contract Terms**

On November 16, 2021, Blackdeck entered into a contract with the Ministry to supply goats over a five-year period. The contract terms included the supply of:
– 15,557 Mashona Buck
– 16,444 Matebele Buck
– 360,895 Mashona Doe
– 239,105 Matebele Doe

For the first year, Blackdeck was responsible for supplying:
– 3,113 Mashona Buck
– 3,292 Matebele Buck
– 72,179 Mashona Doe
– 47,821 Matebele Doe

**Financial Details**

The statement clarified the payment terms, specifying that the payments were made in RTGS (Zimbabwean dollars) as per the contract. Cumulatively, Blackdeck received RTGS 1.6 billion (approximately USD 4.28 million at the interbank rate).

**Use of Funds**

Blackdeck detailed the use of these funds, which included:
– Procuring the goats
– Setting up holding pens and goat centers
– Providing vaccination and veterinary services
– Managing logistics for transporting goats to different provinces
– Feeding the goats while in quarantine
– Tagging and salary-related costs for employees

The company stressed that all expenditures were accounted for and used solely for the purposes outlined in the contract.

**Rejection of Allegations**

Blackdeck unequivocally denied the accusations involving Mike Chimombe, stating that no individual officiated or received USD 40 million from the government in relation to their tender. The company called for an accurate representation of facts and urged media outlets to verify information before publication.

This statement is an attempt to set the record straight amid growing public interest and scrutiny over the administration of the Presidential Goat Scheme.