Mike ‘Mbudzi’ Chimombe Collapses, As More Witnesses Testify In His Mbudzi Case
2 July 2024
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By Crime and Courts, Reporter-Affirmative Action Group President and Zanu PF member Mike Chimombe Monday fell hard while disembarking from a Prison vehicle that had taken him to the Harare Magistrates court for his bail hearing.

Chimombe and Moses Mpofu are facing US$7 million fraud charges.

In their case, the state is alleging that Mpofu and Chimombe forged documents to win the tender to supply goats under the Presidential Goat Scheme.

The two are represented by their lawyers Arshiel Mugiya and Tapson Dzvetero.

The first witness, Mrs Gamuchirai Zimunhu, part of the ZACC investigating team, concluded giving her evidence yesterday afternoon insisting that the two were flight risks.
The second investigating officer, Mr Henry Chapwanya, also took to the witness stand and said the duo should be denied bail because they disrupted the Presidential Goat Scheme, a project initiated by President Mnangagwa.
“The actions by both derailed his Excellency’s vision to attain a middle income economy. These type of economic saboteurs need to be dealt with using an iron fist,” he said.
Mr Chapwanya added that there could be a public outcry if the duo was released.
“My fear is with the reaction of the public. If you look on social media people are very angry. If released on bail, there will be protests on the streets, which will undermine peace and security in the nation as the country is expecting to host the Sadc summit in the next few weeks.”
Mr Chapwanya also submitted that the accused persons were a flight risk and men of means who could, at any given time, escape through the country’s borders and sustain their livelihoods.”
He also said Mpofu gave a suspicious address.
The matter was rolled over to today for bail continuation.

-State media