Proof that Winky D Is International Contrary To Gorimbo’s Claim
5 July 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter | ZimEye |

Winky D: An International Star Beyond Local Boundaries

The recent remarks by boxer Themba Gorimbo, claiming that Winky D is merely a local artist, have sparked considerable debate. However, an objective examination of Winky D’s achievements and accolades paints a different picture, showcasing his status as an internationally acclaimed artist.

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Winky D, often hailed as the “King of Zimdancehall,” has not only dominated the music scene in Zimbabwe but has also garnered recognition on various prestigious international platforms. Here are some of his notable awards and achievements that affirm his global reach:

  1. Best Male Artist (Southern Africa) – All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2022: This accolade underscores Winky D’s influence and popularity across the southern part of the African continent. AFRIMA is a renowned awards body that celebrates the best in African music, and Winky D’s win in 2022 is a testament to his cross-border appeal.
  2. People’s Choice Award – National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) 2020: While this award is domestic, it reflects the strong support and admiration Winky D enjoys within his home country, which often serves as a foundation for international success.
  3. Best Dancehall Artist – 2020 African Entertainment Awards USA: Winning this award highlights Winky D’s impact on the international stage, specifically within the diaspora community in the USA. It signifies his ability to resonate with a diverse and global audience.
  4. Best African Dancehall Entertainer – International Reggae and World Music Awards: This award is particularly significant as it places Winky D among the top reggae and dancehall artists globally, affirming his international credentials.
  5. Best Album 2020 ‘Njema’ – Zimdancehall Awards: While this is another local award, the critical acclaim for “Njema” has contributed to his international reputation, with the album being well-received by global audiences.
  6. People Choice Award – National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) 2024: His recent win in 2024 further solidifies his position as a beloved artist in Zimbabwe, providing a strong base for his international endeavors.

Winky D’s music often tackles social issues and resonates with listeners far beyond Zimbabwe’s borders. His lyrical prowess and unique sound have earned him a loyal fanbase worldwide, from Africa to Europe and North America.

Contrary to Themba Gorimbo’s assertion, Winky D’s career trajectory and the awards he has received illustrate that he is far from just a local artist. His international accolades and the recognition he has garnered globally underscore his status as a significant player on the world music stage. Winky D continues to break barriers and redefine the reach of Zimbabwean music, proving that his influence and appeal are indeed international.