ZANU PF Chairperson Accidentally Leaks Sensitive Photos in WhatsApp Group
5 July 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter | In a surprising and embarrassing turn of events, a ZANU PF Chairperson has accidentally leaked personal photographs into a party-affiliated WhatsApp group, triggering a wave of internal strife and public backlash. The incident, which has sent shockwaves through Zimbabwe’s ruling party, underscores deep-seated divisions within Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political camp.

The chairperson, whose identity remains undisclosed for ethical considerations, has not been afforded the usual protective measures typically extended to high-ranking officials in similar predicaments. Unlike other institutions that might swiftly move to shield the individual’s identity and delete the images, ZANU PF has chosen to leave the matter exposed, suggesting significant internal discord.

Sources close to the situation report that the leaked images, while not explicitly detailed, have nonetheless provoked outrage among party members. The chairperson has yet to issue a public statement or respond to inquiries from ZimEye, leaving a cloud of speculation and uncertainty over the incident.

Party insiders, speaking on condition of anonymity, have expressed severe disapproval of the chairperson’s actions. “She is promoting bad character and must be removed from her position,” one disgruntled member told ZimEye, reflecting a growing sentiment among the party’s rank and file.

This incident highlights potential implosions within Mnangagwa’s party, with factions seemingly willing to capitalize on the chairperson’s misstep to further their own agendas. The reluctance to close ranks and defend one of their own suggests a level of pettiness and infighting that could have broader implications for ZANU PF’s unity and stability.

Political analysts suggest that the lack of immediate, cohesive response from the party’s top brass indicates deeper issues at play. “This isn’t just about a few leaked photos,” commented Harare-based political analyst, Lenny Makwaza. He continued saying- “It’s a symptom of larger fractures within ZANU PF, where personal vendettas and factionalism are starting to overshadow the party’s collective goals.”

The chairperson’s future within the party hangs in the balance as the incident continues to unfold. As ZANU PF grapples with the fallout, questions about leadership, accountability, and the ability to maintain internal cohesion will undoubtedly come to the forefront.

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