Mugabe Dead in 2018 and We Will Vote for A Corpse, Says Own Wife, Grace


LIVE-BLAST: Shyleen Mtandwa | First Lady Grace Mugabe has unwittingly uttered unprintable words on her husband, Robert’s life. Grace in what appeared like a spiritual trance, said her husband will be dead in 2018 and people will put their “X” on a corpse’s name.

Grace Insults Tsvangirai's Wife

Grace Insults Tsvangirai's Wife

Posted by ZimEye on Friday, February 17, 2017

It is unAfrican to speculate and call someone still alive “A Corpse.” But Grace said people will confidently ink-down an X on her husband’s name who she called a Corpse.

Grace challenged the notion of Mugabe’s age as a hindrance, in apparent reference to the faction led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa which argues that Mugabe is old and must now let others take over. Grace said she found it disturbing that those who have been in leadership with her husband since 1980 want to use his age to oust him and yet they remain in leadership.

If Mugabe dies, Grace said, “we can field his corpse to participate in elections.”

This is not the first time Grace has suggested that Mugabe would rule from the grave in what many see as her attempt to succeed Mugabe since she has also implied that she is the virtual president of Zimbabwe.

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  • bie

    OMG here we go!kwasuka lokho,yaqala-ke inkathazo madoda!she never stops to amaze

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    If Mugabe dies, Grace said, “We can field his corpse to participate in elections.”

    The madness comes very early in some people’s lives and the excessive love of power
    is one of the most common signs of the madness!

    The tough reality is Zanu PF’s vote rigging machine is so well-funded and there will be enough hired voters to cast multiple votes to secure a landslide victory for the corpse. Why the opposition politicians continue to participate for the sake of the scraps in these flawed elections is what beggars belief!

    It is the people of Zimbabwe, the ordinary man and woman in the street and in the village, who must wake up and finally realise that people like Tsvangirai, Biti, Ncube and all these other opposition politicians are sell-outs; they do not care about the suffering and deaths of the common man, all they care about is that they secure the few seats on the gravy train Zanu PF gives away during elections. As long as Zanu PF continue to dangle the few gravy train seats, Tsvangirai & co. will never stop contesting elections no matter how flawed and no matter how many people die in street protests or wanton political violence.

    If the people are serious about end this corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship, then it is for them to break the this cursed Zanu PF and opposition partnership in crime! The opposition keep making promises of winning the next elections just to string the populous along, they know they will never beat Zanu PF’s vote rigging machine but are content with the few seat the regime gives away!

  • Benito

    This prostitute grace magabi is sick & weak in the brain