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Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shyleen Mtandwa | Shanangu Madangure cut a lonely figure as the only woman at the Lancaster House conference among many men.

She played a crucial role representing women in a transitional deal that would give birth to a new Zimbabwe. Others who played a crucial role during this period include Sally Mugabe who was soon to become Zimbabwe’s First Lady.

Women have played a crucial role in conflict situations from the time of the liberation struggle to date and yet their voices are often muted on the political power negotiating table.

The Lancaster House situation repeats itself in post independent Zimbabwe, many decades later women are still fighting to be heard and to be counted.

Our guests this evening are Marcellina Chikasha the President of the African Democratic Party, which was formed in April 2014. She is also a religious leader, a pastor at Joy Unspeakable Ministries. Chikasha is one of the few Zimbabwean women who in 2018 will be challenging President Robert Mugabe for the Presidency.

Hon. Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga is the MDC legislator for Matebeleland South. In 2009 she was appointed Minister of Regional Integration and International Cooperation during the Government of National Unity.


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