Headmaster dismisses murder rumours at Prince Edward High School
1 November 2012

(Harare)The Headmaster of Prince Edward High school in Harare has dismissed rumours which claim that a form one 13-year-old student Munashe Banda, who was the found drowned in a swimming pool, may have been murdered at the school last week.
His comments come after the police launched a murder investigation following the advice of a post mortem on the child’s body.
Mr Agrippa Sora told our reporter on Monday that he was a witness to the pathologist’s announcement of the findings which according to him do not point to murder but rather to an accident as the body was being dragged out of the pool.
“Yes I was there when the pathologist gave his findings; the relatives were there and the findings were he died of asphyxia caused by drowning,” he said.
About allegations of physical bodily harm on the student, Mr Sora said “It is not true that he (Banda) died of physical attack.”
“That’s not true,” he said.
“The pathologist indicated that there were bruises on the forehead, and on his back. These were bruises not a deep gash, as indicated by the media. These were bruises, and the pathologist just said the police should just investigate and see where the bruises came from. And our understanding is the body as it was being retrieved from the water, that may have caused the bruises. These were bruises not wounds, not gashes.”
A relative of Munashe who attended the funeral was however quoted stating, “We don’t think he drowned, but we suspected from the injuries he had on his body that he was assaulted before being thrown into the pool.”

Headmaster also denies bullying allegations
Mr Sora also rejected allegations that bullying increased at the school in recent months as alleged by an unnamed former student.
The state media at the weekend reported that a “concerned former PE pupil ‘Alex’ ” who reportedly raised his fears saying,”Having been an old boy of the school it pains me when I see things going haywire and disorderly at my school. Now, I had the priviledge of working with Mr Atkinson who is the headmaster and I know he has the school at heart but it is the parents that I am worried about and the children they are bringing.”
Mr Sora however said:
“That’s not true at all. Whatever incident is reported is taken quickly. And all these cases come to the attention of the headmaster. We are building a child friendly school. So there is no room for the bullying you are referring to because we are a child friendly school.”
Any other incidences of drowning in the past?
Asked if any other such incidences of drowing had occurred at the school in recent years, Mr Sora replied saying he only began work in September this year, therefore he would not know anything that transpired before his tenure as school head.