AUDIO:Pastor Sunday Adelaja Admits Sex Attacks On Church Women|EXCLUSIVE
20 February 2016
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A Nigerian pastor in charge of a 1,5million member congregation called, “Embassy of God,” once famed for running the largest church in Europe, Sunday Adelaja, has been caught in a damning sex scandal with him at the centre of it all as the vile beast of iniquity.

Adelaja has admitted to he has sexually abused several women in his church in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. He also admitted he is currently planning to flee Ukraine following the piling pressure from his abuses. As he begins plotting to flee Ukraine to Nigeria and fearing police arrest, he has been exposed for not only abusing the women, but admitting to an undercover journalist that he did it all.
Following this expose Adelaja’s phone and computer devices have been tagged under 24hour surveillance amid confessions that he is plotting criminal ways of hacking the evidence before it lands in the hands of the police.*ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW; Also see AUDIO recording at the bottom of the article.

Victims who have since last year followed’s excusive expose’s on other dodgy preachers early last week telephoned ZimEye from their base in Kiev and meetings arranged soon after that, following which the pastor then admitted to his vile acts in the face of the shocking footage revealing Adelaja as the sex beast who has been abusing these young women one of them who ended up committing suicide under an emotional breakdown as a result.

caught red handed, and by his own confession...Sunday Adelaja
caught red handed, and by his own confession…Sunday Adelaja

The undercover ZimEye journo contacted him under the guise of an empathising prophet who in a long 36 minute discussion pretended to be supporting the preacher in his nefarious acts telling him do not worry God is in control, all the pictures and videos “will be deleted”.
At 10.13pm UK time on Wednesday night, engaged the top pastor via telephone after several nude pictures as well as testimonials caught him red handed. He was exposed through the easiest way when telephoned by the anonymous “Prophet sent by God” to encourage him during his present trying times in the scandal and within that subtle conversation obliviously admitted it all.
Adelaja even went to the extent of waking his wife up telling her please listen to this man of God who is giving me an accurate message from God.
When the journo’s calling credit had run out at 10.21pm, the Pastor even telephoned ZimEye back and as the journo explains, “because I was telling him the “mighty prophetic words,” he trusted me so much to even wake his wife up“.
Said Adelaja, “Princess I don’t know who this person is but I don’t know how he got my number, and I was going to sleep, and I was saying my God why am I not sleeping? Because I am getting ready for tomorrow, and then I was saying God let me sleep, because I need strength for tomorrow. …
“I was just meditating and I said whose number is this? So I picked it,” he tells his wife before putting his phone on loud speaker mode. *ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW; Also see AUDIO recording at the bottom of the article.
The journo narrates the story now on the impeccable full audio record,
I spoke several “prophetic” words telling him nice things which he loves to hear and he would at every turn answer back with loud Amens.
In the long conversation, Adelaja boldly affirms with loud Amens and exclamations of “in Jesus’ name!” throughout the entire discourse.
While being told,”what you are faced with, these sexual stories…and these women, you did this and that with them. Whatever it is, all that they have stored on their phones and on their Ipads, forget about it, it will be deleted….and it will not come back,” Adelaja responds with loud screams of “In Jesus’ Name,” and “Amen.”
He also shouts out in further affirmation saying, “Yes”.
He continues, “in Jesus name I receive it!”
He is told not to leave the country as the investigation around his misconduct is not going to see him being tried(according to the supposition).
Soon after the conversation he then asks if he can save the journo’s number for future guidance.
He appears to indicate he will no longer leave the country as previously planned.
The development is said to demonstrate how human beings are milking millions of church folk under the pretext of the Man Of God, and the prophetic mantra. LISTEN TO THE FOLLOWING AUDIO SNIPPET which is taken from the 28:00 minute marker.

The full serialised telephone recording is being streamed on the ZimEye Youtube channel and available for download upon request from the ZimEye facebook page inbox – ..

More to follow….