Mutendi:Mugabe is Greater Than Bible Icon Moses
4 March 2016
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Martin Dinha bowing down before Grace Mugabe - FILE
Martin Dinha bowing down before Grace Mugabe – FILE

By Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo|Church leader Nehemiah Mutendi has said President Robert Mugabe is greater than Bible Pentateuch author, Moses (BC 2000).

Mutendi who is the bishop of the Zion Christian Church courted controversy by saying Mugabe is greater than Moses because the president has managed to deliver Zimbabwe from the colonial regime while the bible author did not manage to take the Israelites to Canaan.

Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi waves to the crowds from the top of a car
Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi waves to the crowds from the top of a car

Mutendi made the controversial remarks during President Robert Mugabe’s belated birthday bash at Great Zimbabwe last Saturday. The preacher stunned delegates when he said Moses was inferior to Mugabe because of what he described as the president ‘s heroics during and after liberation struggle. “You(president) have managed to do what Moses could not achieve because Moses did not go with the people of Israel to Canaan but you were with us at independence and you are still with us ,” he said.
History has it on record that Mugabe did nothing special to bring black rule to Zimbabwe and by 1979 ZANLA and Joshua Nkomo’s ZIPRA forces had been defeated and the much celebrated conquest against the Rhodesian government is solely to the thanks of the South African government who closed down their border to stop vital fuel supplies crumbling the country’s economy, a development that led to independence negotiations accelerating.
Mutendi also said Mugabe would rule the country even up to the age of 120 and beyond, drawing the ire of fellow Church leaders who felt Mutendi had gone into overdrive in a bid to please Mugabe.
“I pray that the president lives up to 120 years and beyond ,” said Mutendi.
Local Church leaders said Mutendi had become overzealous in a frantic attempt to please Mugabe and his wife Grace. Angry Church leaders told it was unfortunate Mutendi came up with a spirited attempt to idolise and hero-worship Mugabe to the extent of equating him to the iconic biblical character.
“While we all know that Mugabe has played his role as the leader of Zimbabwe, it is totally unacceptable to equate him to biblical figures. In fact this is an attempt to coerce the nation into worshipping Mugabe. The bishop portrayed Mugabe as an invincible character which is sad and uncalled for. We all know what is happening in the country under Mugabe’s controversial reign so Mutendi went too far in a desperate attempt to please the president,” said a local member of the Christian Voice International. Mutendi has also in the past declared open allegiance to the 92 year old president who also enjoys a large following among members ZCC members.