Zim Diaspora Opposition Must Practise What It Preaches
20 August 2016
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VAZET-COLUMN-ICONToday’s world has allowed democracy to mean freedom of exercising your choice and practising it without fear. Political parties should have one thing in common which is the betterment of their country. While the motive and the hope of the opposition is to be the leaders of the country one day. Motivated by the hope of being the leaders one day the politicians must and are expected to make their country a better one so that they will be rulers of a prosperous country.
If you think it’s tough being a ZANU PF voter in 21st-century Zimbabwe try being a ZANU PF cadre in Diaspora. Those who have failed  in elections might have turned some ZANU PF members abroad into Shy Activists hiding their political beliefs from pollsters and opposition bullies who have a misguided belief that the UK or any other Country is for the opposition and they want to decide who should stay in that country. But in Britain to be a ZANU PF is basically to make yourself a moral leper, unfit for polite society, ripe for exclusion from respectable circles. ZANU PF members abroad aren’t only encouraged to feel shy — they’re encouraged to feel shame they are made to feel like they are killers thieves or any despicable bigots.
Yet every five years the Zimbabwean electorate is asked to vote on the leaders of their choice. Every five years the Zimbabweans speak Heaven help anyone who says Yes to this flinging open of choice to ZANU PF rule. For the extent to which Zimbabwe’s political and media elites in diaspora have lined up behind the losers and cried rigging is nothing short of breathtaking. I’ve racked my brains, and I can’t think of any other political issue in the world in recent times on which the consensus has been so suffocating, and so hostile to dissent.
This undemocratic behaviour is being exhibited in Democratic societies led by political parties purporting to propel democratic change in their country.
There’s a profound irony here: Zimbabwe’s political class calls for a change yet they cry for opponents to be arrested deported tortured all because they see differently from them. To prove that Zimbabwe has moved on from its intolerant past, and yet some of that old intolerance is being rehabilitated by the very people who were advocating for democracy. They shun dissent and demonise their opponents as effectively as what was used to do, only in the name of Opposition. A way for influential people to ‘identify [themselves] as members of an enlightened elite’, ‘kindly metropolitan liberals versus the real democrats. The behaviour of the so called opposition in Diaspora referendum is now only ostensibly about making money more fundamentally it has become a means for fund raising funds and hateful and gruff inhabitants of Zimbabwe in foreign land.
Indeed, the opposition parties are enforcing the host countries to take political sides. meaning any Person who speaks against them is likely to be expelled from the country they are. According to the Opposition in diaspora even politicians who harbour ‘reservations about this major personalisation of politics are not speaking out, ‘for fear of disobeying the party whip’.
A culture of ‘intimidation’ in political circles, saying it’s ‘incredible that the political parties have imposed the whip’ on free speech.
So intense is the attack on political consensus that politicians, desperate to demonstrate their allegiance are openly attacked on social media and threatened with deportatiins as if as the UK is for MDC. Pretending to be opposition has become a shortcut to the moral highground, a passport to chattering-class respectability, and politicians have used it as a way to get immigration status.
Meanwhile, virtually the entire media are agitating for anti Mugabe stance.
In this false hope supporting opposition is as natural as breathing, and as necessary too: fail to back opposition and you’re as good as dead.
Another way of saying that if you support your ZANU PF abroad you are damaging your own status in UK.
They’re actively demonising the Pro Mugabe people treating like pariahs whose backward ways of thinking could harm Zimbabwe and her citizens.
They fool the Zimbabweans without visas to come and join them they believe they are the only ones with a right to be in a foreign land.
The actions of these people are treasonous.
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  1. Zanu PF is a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous regime and those who support such a party cannot expect to be treated as normal human beings because they are not. The trouble with thugs is that they want to behave like thugs and yet be treated as they are doing nothing wrong! Indeed they even think that they have a right to be a thug and expect society to respect and even defend their right!

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