Mujuru Takes Stupidity Into 2017 | OPINION
4 January 2017
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AnalysisNomusa Garikayi | The root cause of Zimbabwe’s political paralysis – the ruling party is imploding and confusion reigns supreme in the opposition camp – and economic meltdown – soaring unemployment, grinding poverty and corruption reaching the dazing height of the equivalent of the country’s GDP being looted annually – is our failure to hold those in power to democratic account through free, fair and credible elections. The solution to ending the political paralysis and economic meltdown is crystal clear; implement the democratic reforms designed to remove the Zanu PF vote-rigging impediments to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

After 36 years of Zanu PF rigged elections one had hoped that Zimbabwe’s opposition parties, composed as they are of some of the most corrupt and incompetent individuals, would, nonetheless, be of one accord on the urgent need to implement the reforms and thus clear the way for free, fair and credible elections. But to listen to the hot-air coming from opposition camp; it is clear confusion runs deep in the opposition camp.

Most of the opposition camp players appreciate that the reality that past elections have not been free and fair but have no clue why this was so much less what should be done about it.

“Our message for 2018 is that people must be free to choose anyone they want, who they think is a good leader. That’s, after all, what we fought for,” said war veteran leader Douglas Mahiya.

“As long as the coalition is going to represent the suffering masses of Zimbabwe, we are going to support it. But what we don’t need are people who create a special class so that they will enjoy life while people are suffering.”

“And yet, war veterans had served as Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s political power dynamos for decades,” wrote Blessing Mashaya “playing particularly significant roles to keep the nonagenarian on the throne in the hotly-disputed 2000 and 2008 national elections which were both marred by serious violence and the murder of hundreds of opposition supporters.”

If Mahiya and his rogue war veteran friends do not appreciate the pivotal role they have played in the imposition of this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship what is there to stop them doing the same again in future. In the past they swore their blind allegiance to VP Mnangagwa and in recently they have shown their willingness to support former VP Mujuru and her ZPF.

“We agree with the sentiments which we gathered from the interactive discussions we had with the people during our nation-wide tour. Your message was loud and clear, that it’s time for Mugabe to leave office,” said Mujuru in her end of the year statement.

“We also take heed of your strong conviction for the need that opposition parties should form a grand coalition to effect change in the regime and bring about a new way that puts people first,” she continued. She also assured the nation the coalition will be formed by the end of 2017.

Mai Mujuru was booted out of Zanu PF kicking and screaming because she did not want to leave. Her hen’s teeth story of playing a full role in the creation of the corrupt and tyrannical regime and taking her share of the spoils for 34 years and only criticizing the party after she was booted out because it took as many years for her to open her “puppy eyes” is an insult to all thinking people. She is, in all but name, a Zanu PF child through and through; if she gets back into power it will be to reconstitute the dictatorship in her own image.

Mai Mujuru is simpleton with a 34 year proven record as one of the most corrupt and incompetent leaders of our time, it beggars belief that anyone would consider her a serious candidate to lead Zimbabwe!

In the March 2008 elections Morgan Tsvangirai garnered 73% of the votes, by Mugabe’s own admission; but after five weeks of “recounting”, ZEC whittled this to a 47%. There are many, many other examples one can give to show that it is not the lack of opposition unity that has kept Mugabe in power but rather the carte blanche powers to the tyranny has granted himself and his thugs to stop regime change at all cost.

As long as Zanu PF continues to enjoy total control of all state institutions including the Police, Army, CIO, Judiciary, ZEC, etc.; to enjoy unfettered access to the nation’s resources and to loot billions of dollars to bankroll its vote-rigging schemes; etc. the country will never escape from the political and economic mess it is stuck in. We have landed in this mess because Mugabe rigged elections and as long as he is allowed to rig elections we will remain in the mess.

Mai Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai and all the other oppositions leaders has failed to come up with meaningful ways of forcing Mugabe and Zanu PF to implement the democratic reforms and they are proposing the coalition of the opposition, voter registration and other token activities instead. Ask anyone of them if the solutions they are offering will guarantee free, fair and credible elections and not even one of them will answer, yes.

Given a problem, it is in the nature of mediocrity to offer inconsequential solutions!

Zanu PF is smart enough to know that a clean sweep of all the contested parliamentary seats and the presidency is not in its political interest as this will discourage opposition parties from contesting future elections. So Zanu PF is contend winning the presidency plus two thirds majority. It is the one third the opposition parties and fighting over.

What the nation needs is free, fair and credible elections in which the electorate alone and not Zanu PF decide who rules the land. The demand to implement all democratic reforms is therefore more than a fight to end the Zanu PF hegemony but to end the unholy power sharing pack between Zanu PF and the corrupt and incompetent opposition.

If the people are serious about ending the political paralysis and economic meltdown and all the suffering and misery these two have brought to the nation they must demand that the next elections must free, fair and credible. And refuse to accept nothing less!



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  1. Forget that nonsensical unity accord. All of you Shonas live using it as a shield ti claim both Matebeleland and Shonas are responsible for the current mess.

    I totally refuse. The mess we have now is a result of the voting choices of the Shona people before 1990, not after. Only ignorant born yesterday Shonas like you dont know this.

    Before 1990 Matebeleland voted for PF ZAPU. It was between 1980 and 1997 that ZANU PF consolidated its power through violence, Gukurahundi included with a view to building a one party state, with the support of the Shona people. Dont even talk about that 1987 Unity rubbish, because that came about through duress. Just reading through that document will show you how one-sided pro ZANU it is.

    The 1980s were the period ZANU PF appointed only Shona people to powerful State institutions; from the army to the airforce, to the prisons, intelligence and the police. Even Mnangagwa bragged that nobody could remove ZANU PF, because everyone in control was a war veteran.

    In 1990 you then changed the Constitution and introduced a powerful imperial Presidency, after getting rid if the position of an Executive Prime Minister.

    These were the earlier years of your so called independence, when you were all excited and heavily intoxicated with your Shona tribal majority one party rule, with your regular noisy “Ngomo zidumbu” insults.

    Now that Mugabe succeeded in consolidated his power through your Shona tribal support, you have the guts to claim we all have to blame equally; yet you know very well Matebeleland only came on board, long after the damage had been done by you Shona people and then again, only through force of arms on unarmed villagers.

    Sies!! Please, give us a break!!

  2. Both PF Zapu and Zanu PF wanted a one=party state.

    Joice Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent and her being a Shona is irrelevant just as Tsvangirai Ncube and Dabengwa are corrupt and incompetent and their tribal origins are irrelevant.

    There have been Shonas and Ndebele in both PF Zapu and Zanu PF and since the unity accords the two parties have merged into one and therefore to keep blaming one tribe for the country’s mess only goes to show you have a tribal agenda. The country has an important task of dragging itself out of this mess and those pursuing their narrow tribal agenda will only be weighing us down.

    You need to grow up!

  3. Many Zimbabwe have never really stopped to think what free, fair and credible elections are about and that is why Zanu PF has rigged so many elections and got away with it Scott-free!

    Many Zimbabweans are only concerned that the elections are not free, fair and credible if they are caught or fear being caught up in the political harassment, intimidation, beating, etc. Otherwise they are too busy worrying about the sadza and salt issues of a nation slowly sinking into the economic abyss.

    Most people have stopped believing that politicians, of whatever political persuasion, can ever make their lives better. They have been promised the moon on a silver plater again and gain but only to get hell-on-earth every time. In these people’s minds the linkage between politics and the economy is all negative and no positive. To the people, politicians are greed, corrupt and tyrannical liars, they are the worst curse to the nation.

    If it was not for the political harassment and threats many people, especially in the rural areas and amongst the urban youth, would have stopped attending political rallies and voting a long time ago! Whilst these people are desperate to see something being done to end the country’s serious economic meltdown, they do not see the country’s politicians delivering that economic miracle. They simply do not see the linkage between economic recovery, political recovery and good governance.

  4. Nhai iwe wakadzidza here. Read my opinion again this time word by word and slowly… And yes im SHONA, muzezuru..Moyo the original Murozvi mukuru. U want to insult my background, well i can do that too…. Guess what just cause we hate Mugabe dont mean we like you and your kind better. Infact, get into your head kuti Mundevere haafe akatonga Zimbabwe…. You will remain loud paupers ikoko kundevereland. And if zimbabwe improves u will be the last to get anything like the unwelcome lodgers you are. Im tired of all you ndebele bastards just good at throwing curses at us shona.

  5. Mujuru is a Shona like all of you. You groomed Mugabe to be what he eventually became.

    You gave him all the powers he ever wished for through a new imperial Presidency in 1990, after helping him destroy PF ZAPU with his Gukurawundi, so he could establish the one party state along the same FRELIMO model.

    A one party state he had always wanted since his days in Mozambique.

    Shonas are all culpable – why pick on Mujuru?

  6. Look here; 99% of Shonas supported Mugabe in 1980 and 1985.

    Shonas helped Mugabe establish his one party state with his Gukurawundi. 1990 saw the wholesale rewriting of the Lancaster House Constitution, and the entrenchment of Mugabe, never to be removed from power; through the setting up of an all powerful imperial presidency, with the help of the Tshonas.

    Tshonas were in the forefront of helping Mugabe destroy the then only strongest opposition; ZAPU which stood as the bulwark to what Zimbabwe has now become today.

    You think we all have short memories like you? or were born in the 1980s or 1990s?

    Please shut the hell up with your Mujuru nauseating nonsense.

  7. The problem here is not one of people have been doing nothing but rather of people doing the wrong thing. For the last 36 years Zanu PF has rigged one election after another, this is the problem.

    Instead of implementing the reforms during the GNU Tsvangirai and his MDC wasted time gallivanting and failed to get even one reform implemented. They insisted the 2013 elections will be free and fair only to admit they were rigged by noon of the voting day.

    Joice Mujuru is offering an opposition coalition by end of the year as if that will stop Zanu PF rigging the elections. We know that is not going to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections and it is important to say so now and not wait till 2018 elections day!

    Anyone who propose the coalition as a solution to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections is a simpleton because this is not a solution!

  8. Not to forget she claimed 100% plus disability back in 1999 inorder to grab a bigger loot from the war veteran’s fund. That saw her walk away with more than $100,000 cash money. Maybe even more. Between her and Solo, they collected well over a quarter of a million. Oh another fact, was this not the same Joice that swore allegience to Mugabe as Grace pressed on with her nationwide insults, the same Joice that once said Mugabe is like my father…. Kept her silence for long thinking Mugabe would intervene manje wakairasa, Mugabe akutopihwawo maorders.

  9. The truth of the matter is that this Mujuru stupidity will make people believe the next elections will be free, fair and credible only to be disappointed once again as happened in the 2013 elections. We cannot afford yet another rigged elections! We cannot afford this political stupidity to rule the day!

    Zimbabwe’s corrupt and incompetent opposition has failed to offer any real solutions to the teething problem of how to stop Zanu PF well-funded vote-rigging juggernaut and so they offer stupid solutions. Voter registration and opposition unity will be as effective in stopping the juggernaut as a mole-hill to stopping a tank. But since this is all these idiots can think, we will hear nothing else from them and, worst of all, voter registration and coalition will be repeated over and over again as the cure all solution.

    Just as happened following the 2013 elections, the opposition will be stunned into silence by noon of election day as it becomes evident that Zanu PF has once again blatantly rigged the elections. All the opposition’s voter registration and coalition building strategies were as useless as the mole-hill to stopping a tank! The opposition idiots will all accuse Zanu PF of vote rigging as if this is something they have just discovered and never heard of before!

    Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends promised the 2013 elections would be free, fair and credible and we all know that was not true. They changed their tune by noon of the voting day when the evidence of vote rigging started pouring in. The nation should have punished MDC for misleading the people; this time all opposition parties who dragged this nation into yet another rigged election must be punished.

    I do agree with you, we must demand of these opposition leaders and the acolytes to state whether or not their proposed solutions will stop Zanu PF rigging the elections and then hold them to account if the elections are rigged.

    The problem before us problem is clear enough; how to stop the Zanu PF’s vote rigging juggernaut. Any proposed solution must be addressing the problem and those proposing it must admit so up front; we cannot afford wasting time on gimmicks and political grandstanding.

  10. It’s easy to criticise! Why don’t you stand up and implement what YOU think is the best solution yourself?
    Mujuru “the simpleton” is at least doing something about the sad and deplorable quagmire we find Zim in. What about you?
    If anyone is a simpleton, I would say it’s you