The Danger Of A Politicised Judiciary
14 January 2017
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The events in the  Judicial system in Zimbabwe fronted by the Judicial Service Commission has reduced the country’s legal system to a political battle field.

All our jurisprudence and judicial organs should be protected.

The judicial system of Zimbabwe is in danger of being relegated to a mere political contestation field. The system is becoming more partisan and has cracked in very visible factional lines. The JSC has favoured one political faction against the other. Our judicial system is now in danger of being captured or being used to settle political scores. The recent JSC saga which is being played between the judiciary and ZANU PF factions have by far awakened the legal minds to caution Zimbabweans of the danger of using our legal system as political play grounds. Recently Justice Hungwe warned us about this. Be it our courts, JSC office all are being used in the name & game of political quagmire.

Politicians are now using the JSC as political ground to settle political scores. JSC in a bid to cover its corrupt tendencies becomes a willing partner and descends in the arena thereby being blinded by the dust of the confusions. Zimbabwe is one of the countries in the world which have a viable judicial system and a constitution, but recently our politicians have put the independence and viability of such system into danger of being inadequate. They have endeavoured to control any influential avenue around.

Zimbabwe has one of the best judiciary system in the world but if we continue to misuse and misdirect our judicial organs, then we will be running into danger of killing our judicial system. Destroying and crushing the process of the system we should defend with our lives. JSC must learn to divorce itself from political supremacy and serve the nation’s justice system. A nation is respected by its judicial strength and soberness.

All our judicial components were formed and tasked with the duties of being the custodians of our constitution and protectors of citizens, but now they are forever under attack, or misused by politicians. No one should be allowed to use our judicial system for personal-selfish reasons; not even Presidents, Chief justices, Ministers, Businesspersons or even our prosecutors. JSC has drifted into the succession squabbles and take sides. This has compromised their reason.

The survival of our Justice system is the hands of the JSC but alas the JSC is now graced by vultures who are just after protecting their interests at the expense of our justice.
Factionalists must stop using JSC for their advantage. A strong legal will must be exhibited.
Law is not only a course but a way of life.

The disrespect of the minister is motivated by factional politics and not by guidance to the system.

At this rate our legal system will be reduced to a dog’s breakfast

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