CIO Geek Caught With Gun Near President Mnangagwa Slapped With Denial Verdict
22 February 2018
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Madzibaba Chiredzero

By Farai D Hove| A well known CIO informer caught with a gun near President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year has been denied freedom.

Gathry Chiredzero as arrested just after Operation Restore Order after appearing near the Head Of State armed with a pistol.

The has been charged for breaching President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s security using a fake Central Intelligence Organisation identity card, Anti-Corruption Commission cards, a fake driver’s licence and possession of a dangerous weapon in a public place.

Chiredzero, 40 was told that the offences were very serious especially the security aspects posed to the life of the State President.

“The mere explanation that the appellant was engaged as an informer is not a good enough or reasonable an explanation. it is the finding of this court that this is a classic case where there are compelling reasons justifying the continual detention of the appellant,” read Justice Phiri.

Representing him were John Ndomene from Malosa and Ndomene Legal Practitioners.

The case is now heading for trial.