FULL TEXT: Prof Welshman Speaks On Buhera Violence
23 February 2018
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Welshman Ncube

By Prof Welshman Ncube| The MDC unreservedly condemns the politically motivated violence and threats of violence which were directed at MDC-T Deputy President, Thokozani Khupe and some of her colleagues at the burial of the late Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in Buhera on Tuesday 20th February 2018.

Violence and threats of violence should have no place in our political discourse as it attacks the very foundations of our constitutional democratic freedoms and liberties, thereby negating the right of each individual to hold political opinions of their choice.

The MDC notes the strong response so far taken by MDC-T Acting President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa against the said acts of violence and commends him for condemning the violence and instituting a speedy investigation as well as undertaking to take strong measures and actions against those found to be guilty of these acts.

The MDC encourages the Acting President of the MDC-T to continuously show zero tolerance to violence and to consistently speak against it.

The MDC appeals to all young Zimbabweans who have undoubtedly been reenergised, excited and motivated by the possibility of the Acting President of the MDC-T becoming the official Presidential candidate of the MDC Alliance in this year’s harmonised elections scheduled to be held anytime between 22 July and 22 August 2018, to shun violence and threats of violence and to seek to bring about change through hard work by organising, mobilising and motivating others to register as voters and to turn up to vote on election day. This is the democratic way of delivering change and guaranteeing a generational change of leadership in the country so as to rebuild the country for the prosperity of all Zimbabweans.

Professor Welshman Ncube

President, MDc