Mugabe Threatens To “Tell The Truth About Chiwenga’s Coup!” – Not About Looting Or Gukurahundi
26 February 2018
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Wilbert Mukori

By Wilbert Mukori| The trouble with tyrants is that after decades of bombarding the people with lies and propaganda nonsense, they start to believe in their own lies and nonsense. After 37 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption that has reduced ¾ of our people into paupers living on US$ 1.00 or less a day whilst he siphoned billions of dollars to amass a fortune for himself and a few cronies. Mugabe has blame the poverty on “West’s illegal sanctions!” and thus absolve himself and his regime of any responsibility. The sanctions were targeted on him and his cronies but clearly had no ill effect except, according to his wield logic, on the very people not on the sanctions list.

Mugabe and his regime has used all manner of dirty tricks and violence including beatings, rape and murder to rig the elections and stay in power. Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have been murdered to establish and retain his de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship. To hear him talk about the November 2017 coup that deposed him one is left confused and perplexed.

“I will tell them the truth that what you did was illegal. You abused the people, beat up people,” Mugabe told the small group of people who attended his birthday party. (A small affair compared to the hundreds of thousands strong who had become the norm on such occasions.)

“I know you were told not to talk about this, but I will say it because it is the truth. People were injured, some were killed. They came here with bruises; some with their heads injured, and told us that some of them had been killed. I will tell them the truth.”

Here is the man who presided over the Gukurahundi massacre in which 20 000 innocent civilians, main PF Zapu supporters were for no other reasons than to clear the deck for the de facto one-party dictatorship. Mugabe, grudgingly it must be said, admitted the genocide after years but only to dismiss it as “a moment of madness!”

The greatest number of those murdered during the coup is five and yet Mugabe was reportedly warning “the weak to leave the venue as he was about to give graphic details of the fierce power struggles”. He had 20 000 murdered and it was a “a moment of madness” soon forgotten and yet he is forced to give up power and the world must be stunned into silence to hear the details.

The tyrant reportedly complained to AU Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat that his wife Grace “cries daily” because the family has been deprived of their material benefits. ¾ of our people live in abject poverty and his regime has denied the majority of the people their freedom, human rights and dignity and all that has never even registered in his consciousness.

“Because we had a misunderstanding with one of my vice-presidents, Emmerson, the army with Chiwenga decided to take out tanks into the streets,” continued Mugabe.

“This is not what we fought for. We did not fight for people to be threatened like what happened, it’s sad.

“I asked, ‘are we in a war period, why go to war against your own people? Why do that? Because of power!’”

One of these fine days when those who stage the November 2017 coup are themselves booted out of office to allow for a truly democratic government born out of free, fair and credible elections to emerge; the real truth of the last 38 years of Zanu PF rule will finally be told.

The single most important truth people like Mugabe and his cronies must be told is povo are human beings too worthy of the freedom, human rights including the right to a free and meaningful say in the governance of Zimbabwe and the right to life itself. And what better way to make sure that these political thugs understood that fundamental truth that making sure they are charged, tried, convicted and punished for all the corruption that left millions of our people impoverished and for all human rights violations that striped povo their humanity and hope! –