Welshman Ncube’s Fake Daughter Tells Police “I’ve Been Raped Again But By Another Man”
14 March 2018
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Gugu Ncube

By Staff Reporter(Pretoria)| A woman who claims that she is the daughter of MDC leader, Prof Welshman Ncube, previously exposed by ZimEye.com, has reported another rape case to the police.

South African Police in Pretoria were embroiled on another police case as they sought to arrest the latest accused man.

The man’s name cannot be disclosed at present due to events that transpired shortly afterwards. (this is a developing story).

The man was saved from prison after police managed to get a hold of other cases which have failed after she was found found to have submitted false evidence.

Gugu has four other police cases in which she has named other men, respectively. – ZimEye is following up on the latest case Wednesday morning.