Serial-Escapist Khaya Moyo Rebuked Mukupe For Admitting Military Will Block Chamisa
23 May 2018
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By Wilbert Mukori| The man who has been used to fire every Vice President since 2014, and even former President Robert Mugabe, the Acting Information Minister Simon Khaya Moyo has lashed out at Finance Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe’s remarks reported by ZimEye two days ago.

“Mukupe said there is no way those who were behind the military intervention that ousted former President Robert Mugabe, can let MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa lead Zimbabwe.”

“Khaya Moyo said these remarks are “reckless and most unfortunate.” He also claims that these remarks are a direct contempt of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.”

Simon Khaya Moyo is being a hypocrite. He is on public record saying “Zanu PF ichatonga
kusvika madongi ameranyanga!” (Zanu PF will rule until donkeys sprout horns!) He said that knowing fully well the party’s unlimited power to rig elections. He knows too that the Army, Police, CIO and Prison Service, the security services, have been heart and soul of Zanu PF’s unstoppable vote rigging juggernaut.

What happened in the small hours of 15 th November 2017, when then President Mugabe was rudely awaken by being rough probed with an AK47 rifle and told his tyrannical rule was over, was proof there was no limit to what these Zanu PF thugs would do to retain absolute power.

The coup posse have since shared out the spoils; Chiwenga became VP and Minister of
Defence, S Moyo Minister of Foreign Affairs, P Shiri Minister of Agriculture, etc. and with
Emmerson Mnangagwa becoming President.

The junta has promised free, fair and credible elections but only as a marketing gimmick to take the sting out of the illegitimate status brought on by the coup. The junta has pointedly refused to implement any democratic reforms to take away its carte blanche powers to rig elections. So, Deputy Minister Mukupe is saying something we should already know is true – these coup thugs are not going to risk losing power by holding free elections after they had all to wrestle it from Mugabe!

What Minister Khaya Moyo, no doubt President Mnangagwa and many others in Zanu PF, is
angry with minister Mukupe about is that he is letting the cat out of the bag. Ever since the coup, the junta’s propaganda machine worked hard to deceive the world into believing Zanu PF was completely transformed from a party of thugs to one of democrats with its “new dispensation” nonsense. Minister Mukupe has just confirmed the party has not changed one bit!

“How can we say, honestly, the soldiers took the country, practically snatched it from Mugabe, to come and hand it over to Chamisa?” Minister Mukupe said.

“A child talking about spaghetti roads, who is talking about impregnating all women?
“This country, where it is now and where it is coming from, needs a grown up, a steady hand, a person who can stabilise things.”

Zanu PF is still a party of corrupt and vote rigging thugs and the regime is rigging these
elections! This is a basic fact that many Zimbabweans, with their heads buried in the sand have, so far, refused to accept. By refusing to accept this political reality and participating in these flawed and illegal elections these Zimbabweans, led by corrupt and incompetent MDC politicians, are giving political credibility to Zanu PF’s blatant vote rigging.

Worse still, they are delaying the implementation of the democratic reforms and thus perpetuate the human suffering born of our failure to bring about meaningful political change in Zimbabwe these last 38 years! Until we implement the democratic reforms; the pre-requisite for free, fair and credible elections; this country will never enjoy the fruits of freedom, peace and economic