New Twist To Kembo Mohadi Axe Saga As He Seeks Protection Order Against Ex Wife
20 April 2019
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Kembo Mohadi with his new wife.

Own Correspondent|The saga in which Vice President Kembo Mohadi was reported to have turned murderous and wanted to kill his former wife Tambudzani has taken a new twist.

Vice President Mohadi has gone to court instead claiming that Tambudzani is the one who wanted to attack him in the presence of police officers when he went to collect personal property from his former matrimonial home in Beitbridge.

“On March 30, 2019, I had to go to my former matrimonial home in the company of the police so that everything would be done peacefully and within the ambit of the law. The respondent (Muleya) had to be restrained by the police from attacking me. I proceeded to collect my property and left and since then I have never been there and will never be there,” Mohadi said in his plea for protection.

This is the second time that the Vice President who enjoys high level VIP state security protection is applying for such an order against her over the last year.

“… on April 1, 2019, the respondent went to my farm Lot 1 of 10 Farm, Jompembe Beitbridge Umzinganwe Estate which is a property which was awarded to me. She started giving my workers orders different from what I had given them. Meanwhile, she is dictating how business should be conducted at the farm.”

Mohadi also accused Muleya of visiting his workplace in Harare, and later his residence where he now stays with his new wife, Juliet Mutavhatsindi, “to cause commotion and chaos”. She was restrained by security agents manning the two places, he said.

In her opposing affidavit, Muleya challenged the authenticity of Mohadi’s affidavit before the court saying the signature appended on the document does not resemble that of her former husband.

“It is a manifest forgery and the document before this honourable court is a forged document. I dispute its authenticity,” Muleya said.

The matter is set to be heard on April 23, 2019.