“It’s A Lie,” Mujuru Responds On Rumour That ED Visited Her
21 April 2019
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Former Vice President Joice Teurairopa Mujuru has dismissed reports by ZANU PF apologist Weldon Matambo that she got a visit from President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“President ED Mnangagwa visited former VP Joice Runaida Teurairopa Mujuru,” Matambo posted on Twitter.

The former Vice President was quick to shoot down the allegations saying, “No such visitation happened with him. It’s a lie.”

Mujuru recently blasted a statements by ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu that she will be rejoining the ruling party.

“We have been approached by al the parties and now Mujuru is coming back to ZANU PF, Ambrose Mutinhiri has come back and many other have come back.”  Mpofu was quoted saying.

Mpofu had claimed that the coming back of Mujuru and others shows that Mnangagwa is a unifying leader.

Mujuru, however, she is not joining ZANU PF anytime.