Acie Lumumba Drags Himself Into Mai Titi -Madam Boss Furore
4 June 2019
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Mai Titi and Madam Boss.

Correspondent|Outspoken politician and socialite, Acie Lumumba real name Gerald Mutumanje has urged comedienne, Madam Boss to apologise to her counterpart, Mai Titi and put an end to their ongoing fight that has dominated social media conversations over the weeks.

Posting on Facebook, Lumumba reiterated that Madam Boss will never win the battle of words against Mai Titi hence the need for her to simply apologize.

“Felistas Edwards aka Mai Titi vane kamwe ka rough kavanako so. Tyra ingoita sorry zvipere it is so much cooler to see you guys on the same stage than fighting each other.

“The 2 of u have done amazing in your fields, I have no idea why u fighting but I reckon it doesn’t have to be public,” wrote Lumumba.

He also urged the duo to handle conflict at a more mature level as they are both parents who have image to portray to their children.

“You are also both mothers to beautiful daughters who I have met, the people applauding and cheering your fight only way to drama, but your daughters are watching role models and how they deal with conflict.

“I love you both Tyra Chikocho and Felistas and I wish you would find a better way out of this conflict. Worse of all it’s not good for business. The winner is not the one who says the worst words but the one who builds the best bridge. Vakanai askana it’s obvious Feli will win the war of words, Tyra will lose, with that said, can u win gracefully and teach us about the God in you. Both of you love God and are worshippers. This is not Godly,” said Lumumba.

Mai Titi and Madam Boss hogged the limelight over a week ago with their social media melt down where the two would troll each other in posts.