Leaked CIO Report Exposes State Strategies To Deal With Chamisa
6 October 2019
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A leaked intelligence report mapping out strategies on how to deal with MDC Alliance demos in Chiredzi District has sent chills down the spines of activists.

The report which was confirmed by several sources as an authentic document from the Chiredzi District Joint Operations Command specifies which individuals to put under surveillance, how to deal with them and thwart any machinations.

Activists who talked to The Mirror said the report is disturbing particularly in view of the rising number of alleged abductions in the country.

In Chiredi there are a number of activists who have disappeared in the past including ZESA manager Dumisani Hapazari in 2008 and Kariborn Nyemba. Nyemba later escaped from his abductors but the whereabouts of Hapazari are still unknown.

The report which was prepared on August 16 2019 accused MDC leaders in Chiredzi of planning to host a heavily armed insurgence team from South Africa to destabilize the district.

The report placed six MDC members including Chiredzi Town Council Chairman Gibson Hwende, former MP for Zaka West Festus Dumbu and Chiredzi MDC District Chairperson James Kampota as potential threats.

Other people named as security threats are Menias Gangata who is an MDC activist and one named Sisokisi.

The homes of Gangata, Dumbu, Hwende, Gilbert Mutubuki, and Kampota were identified as potential threats.

When contacted for comment Dumbu said MDC did not seek to unsit the Zanu PF Government through unconstitutional means.

“I saw the report but it`s fortunate that it leaked to the public but we know that they always track us,” said Dumbu.