TOUCHING PICTURE: Mliswa Barefooted, Worshipping With Madzibaba
8 October 2019
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Below is a picture of Norton MP Temba Mliswa barefooted, worshipping with Madzibaba.

Mliswa at Madzibaba shrine


Dear Nortonians,

This past week I have been involved in a number of land issues, not just in Norton, that have served to emphasized how the movement forward in this country is severely undermined by the proliferation of corruption and corrupt people. We need to take a strong position against the vice of corruption if we are to make any meaningful developments otherwise we shall be at the same place repeating platitudes whilst the country dies.


I had the honour of being invited to this year’s Shoko Festival organised by Magamba Network in Harare and am glad to say the initiative is great interactive exercise with so many youths on issues such as youth participation in politics and governance, internet freedom and media issues.

As part of a panel that also included new Glen View MP Vincent Tsvangirai, we discussed all these issues with the mainly youths gathered and we had a great timesharing ideas.

I emphasized on the need for youths to stand up and be involved as it is their mandate.


This year I also attended the MDC Alliance anniversary celebrations held at Rufaro Stadium in Harare. I did this out of respect for the invitation that I got and in recognition of the mandate I have as an independent legislator, to represent those in my constituency who support the party.

That I witnessed ugly scenes of booing from a section of the crowd is an unfortunate exhibition of the political polarisation still manifesting in our body politick.

As a matter of record I was requested to do the party slogan but as a principled visitor with my own political persuasions as an independent I could not do that. Thus I declined and it is for that reason they was that unfortunate incident. However I still stand by my position as I feel that as a politician with principles I cannot go all around the place chanting slogans for whatever party’s event attend.

We still need to mature as a people and outgrow such tendencies to exhibit violence, whether verbal or physical, when we come up against people of a different thinking in relation to politics.

No one idea or party is universally correct but each is strengthened and fortified through interactions and convergences with the opposites.

Until we learn and accept this type of thinking our development as a nation will always be hamstrung by basic ills of immature politics. Strong democracies have political tolerance and have managed to development from there.

However I want to wish the Advocate Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance family a happy 20th Anniversary and wish them continued growth.


On 29 September the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) came and held constituency meeting at AFM church in Kingsdale. The idea behind the initiative is to bring leaders to meet with the electorate and discuss development issues.

It was a well-attended event with almost all the Norton Councilors.

I was glad because the electorate managed to come and air themselves, with each issue being directed to its rightful point people, either me, as the MP or towards the Councilors.

It’s however unfortunate that some of Councilor have become so antagonistic and can longer differentiate between a baring of facts to do with the shoddiness of business in Council business and attacks lacking facts.

Emotional responses to issues of their inability to lead development severely hampered the discussion and that was very unfortunate. As l always reiterate, I have nothing to gain from fighting the Councilors but all I’m seeking and pushing for is for them to do their jobs.

It’s unfortunate that some of them are still looking at things in a politicized manner and thus cannot move forward as they are heavily constrained by a wrong approach to matters. Politics ended after announcement of elections winners.


Many people are coming to recognise the great work that we are doing here in Norton in combating land barons and I have since engaged with Kambuzuma residents of 48 Aspindale Park who are also grappling with a land baron issue.

This past week I visited the place for a meeting with the affected residents.

Initially they were given an offer letter by the government which has since been withdrawn after the coming in of a new Minister and given to a private developer.

The action is a deplorable conduct of gross corruption and insensitivity as the place already has hundreds who have already built complete houses but are now required to fork out thousands to the politically connected developer.

Together with Willias Madzimure, legislator for Kambuzuma, we have agreed to do our outmost to assist the people and hope that we will reach a people centered resolution.


On Sunday I met with Mashlands residents over their issue of stands. This meeting came against the backdrop of my appearance before the Justice Uchena Land Commission where we were told that the state acquired the area along time ago.

Thus at the meeting we sought to get a clarification as to who really owns the place seeing as it they have been chains of different directors collecting funds from the people whilst they all don’t have the title deeds to the place.

Following the meeting I will be taking up the matter with higher offices so that the residents can be in a position to know where they stand and what the way forward is.


In a great development Knowe Primary School recently acquired a bus for their institution and last week we had a dinner to commission it whilst also fund raising for the school.

It was a great event attended by Council Chairperson Cllr Gumisirai, Knowe Headmaster and other local dignitaries.

As a development oriented leader it’s gratifying to see the young institution taking bold steps towards greatness.


Vimbai High School was the site for the massively attended Gumano raPaul Mwazha last week. I attended the African Apostolic Church service and had a great meeting with itsleaders present who included Bishop Mukasa (Mashonaland West Province), Reverend Rupanga (Norton) and Reverend Chupa (Darwendale).

Asa town seeking to develop it’s a great spiritual occurrence to have such events occurring in your constituency.


This past week I was invited to and attended a Methodist Church service in Calfa. It was a great service to support the spiritual leaders and we were blessed both by the word and the entire service.

Since it was a special swrvixe to fundraise for the upkeep of the leaders i also managed to lend a hand to the cause with some money.

Giving in the house of the Lord remains a fundamental act of much importance.

On Saturday I was also invited to the Methodist Music Convention at Norton 1 Primary. The guest of Honour was the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa who was represented by the Mashonaland West Minister of State Mary Mliswa Chikoka.

It was a festive and great event with choirs from Harare West Province.

Progress as a town will forever remain a combined result of different forces and factors working together and no one person, party or entity will manage unless we come together. In our differences, the single biggest uniting factor is that we all want to see Norton progressing. If we can remain alive to that fact we shall achieve great things.


*Hon Temba P. Mliswa (MP)*

*Norton will never be the same again*