Bread Disappears From Shelves Yet Again, But Plenty In The Streets.
9 October 2019
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Zimbabwe is experiencing bread shortages for the umpteenth time this year. In the past, the scarcity was blamed on flour shortages as the country has become a net importer of wheat over the past two decades.

Online vendors, Fresh In A Box (FIAB) apologised to their customers for failing to deliver bread. FIAB said in a statement:

“We could not find any bread delivery trucks to chase and our supplier just isn’t delivering. So if you ordered Bread from us, please bear with us and we will make sure we deliver when it becomes available. Sorry guys. Zim happens…”

However a walk in the streets of most major urban centres will show that there is plenty of bread in the black market.

Bread now costs ZWL$11.00 per loaf on the formal market with some street vendors selling it for ZWL$7.00but strictly on cash.

There are reports that bakers are seeking to hike the price of bread to ZWL$14.00 in order to factor costs driven by things like fuel and electricity.