MDC Youth Statement On State Of Affairs In The Country
12 October 2019
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The National Management Committee met in Harare at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House on the 10th of October 2019 to look at number of socio- economic and political situation in the country in a bid to come up with a youth driven solution to the crisis.

The economic situation has reached alarming levels with prices skyrocketing and inflation going up. Life for the ordinary person has become unbearable. 
Citizens are waking up at the blessing of waterless taps, empty fridges and without electricity. 
There are literally queues everywhere from transport queues to fuel one, in the registrar office, in hospitals and other such vital places. Prices are indexed in US dollars but the regime is still stuck in the not so popular Zimbabwean dollar.

Cognizant of these hardships the National Management Committee resolved the following

1) Action
The youth assembly has resolved that we press factory settings and face the incompetent regime to act on the crisis in Zimbabwe.

2) Structures
The YA resolved that they be urgent structure audit and verification as well as the need to speed up branch formation process for the Assembly to be able to carry out its mandate with vigor and vitality.

3) Elections
We noted with urgency the ongoing delimitation process in Bulawayo metropolitan province and resolved to urgently deploy national executive members to assist Bulawayo province in the voter registration process that is ongoing.

4)Local Government
We resolved to urgently look into the situation in our local authorities in a bid to enhance effective service delivery and the role of youth deployees.

5) Regional and International solidarity
The management resolved to relocate the youth assembly as a critical voice in the geopolitics of the world and establish platforms of solidarity with like minded movements across the continent.

6) Provincial Councils 
The management committee resolved to suspend all Provincial council meetings that had been scheduled to pave way for branch Making process and holding grass meetings by the national executive which the organising department shall conduct soon.

Gift Ostallos Siziba
Secretary General 
MDC Youth Assembly