Arrest Joblessness Not The Jobless Seeking To Arrest Poverty
18 October 2019
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In a country where unemployment and inflation are consistently competing to remain shooting high, it is only expected that a responsible government would seek to address such an anomaly.

Regrettably, in our motherland, the expected is seemingly never accepted by the thieving club which currently claims to be a government.

In the wake of high unemployment orchestrated by the religious failures of ZANU-PF, multitudes have located their survival in the informal economy. When a government fails to uphold it’s responsibility, citizens will always find their way to respond to the failures. This is why we see young men and women in the streets of Harare selling small to huge wares for the sole reason of survival. Surely, that cannot and must not be criminalized.

Under these difficult circumstances, the arrest of vendors therefore becomes a very disturbing act and equally an act which seriously threatens the right to life. It is even disturbing when these very same vendors are subjected to persecution for allegations decorated with extreme falsehoods. The recent arrest of eleven vendors is a testimony that we have irresponsible and clueless people in positions of authority. Instead of creating baseless falsehoods just to find a reason of arresting vendors, the government must be making spirited efforts to create jobs for them.

It is not by their design that they’re in the streets, they are in the streets because of the ZANU-PF made joblessness. Thus, arresting vendors and fabricating lies, accusing them of being violent must be condemned in utmost terms. Stop criminalizing vending, free our vendors and allow them to fend for their families. Several people are looking up to these vendors to have food on their small tables, the same manner in which Mnangagwa expects ‘zondo’ on his table in a private jet.

Once again, this is a clear testimony that we have ruthless and clueless people in power, these people rejoice when the ordinary citizens are languishing in poverty. This, we shall bring to an end, a new story attributed to our collective actions shall be written.


Obey “Luther” Sithole
MDC Youth Chairperson