Who Then Will March For ZANU PF, As Zimbabweans Declare Sanctions Mantra A Fake Zanu PF Excuse For Failing To Run The Country.
18 October 2019
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Paul Nyathi|Majority of Zimbabweans have declared that Zimbabwe is under no felt sanctions at all declaring the mantra on sanctions as a “stupid ZANU PF excuse” on its failures to govern.

In an online poll run by ZimEye.com on Thursday, 76% of the respondents said that ZANU PF was lying that the so called sanctions were crippling the nation.

The Zimbabweans instead blamed ZANU PF for all the suffering that they are going through.

A paltry 14% of the respondents voted in favour of ZANU PF claims that the country is failing to move ahead because of the sanctions imposed on its leaders by the USA and the European Union.

The online voting trend leaves many doubting who then will join the ZANU PF Anti Sanctions March set for next week.

Below is how Zimbabweans voted on the matter.