ZANU PF Implodes After ED Allegedly Demanded USD20mln Bribe
23 October 2019
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By Own Correspondent| ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa demanded a bribe of USD20 million for food aid to be released to his own people, a top ZANU PF senior Simbarashe Marumahomo has alleged.

The allegations are contained in a leaked audio Maumahoko is heard screaming in anger. Says Marumahoko in the clip:

“Mnangagwa sokd the country. What kind of the president is that? Dont talk fuc**ll about Mnangagwa he is an idiot. He is not ZANU PF, Our musangano of ZANU PF has collapsed because of him.”

Another unnamed man is then heard in the background as Marumahoko tells him to go ahead to record the allegations.

He continues charging:

“Record this I don’t care. I am Simbarashe Marumahoko. I don’t care about this. I am Simbarashe Marumahoko. Imagine a person who demands 20 million bribe in order to allow his own children to access food aid. What kind of an idiot are you when you even call yourself a president?”