Bedroom Coup In Mthwakazi Party as Female VP Is Stuck With Two Subordinate Men In Love Triangle
25 October 2019
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MRP Vice President Presia Ngulube

By Sithuli Ndaba( Correspondent) |Dear Editor – There is pandemonium and anger in restorationist MRP after its vice President has been caught with hands in the cookie jar of the forbidden fruit with a subordinate. 

The vice President, Presia Ngulube is in the malaise, also embroiled in a love triangle where her South Africa based lover is also involved.

The clumsy love triangle involves former MRP spokesman Mbonisi Gumbo, who of late has fallen out with the party.

Gumbo is accused of selling the MRP agenda out to his tribal kinsmen as he has been seen gallivanting and associating with Harare the whole of last year till this time. He has been accused of becoming too cosy with those responsible and perpetuating Mthwakazi oppression.

Gumbo has of late been heard attacking pro-Mthwakazi leaders in his bid to win favour with Harare.

Gumbo then spokesman of the party started dating VP when his wife was still alive and it is alleged that killed her after suffering a heart attack. It has been alleged that Gumbo neglected his family because of his relationship with the vice President, to the extent of dumping his ailing wife while he concentrated on spending time with  Ngulube.

This was the beginning of a love triangle where vice President Ngulube started double crossing Gumbo and Jo’burg based Mr MB Ngwenya, whom she stayed with as husband and wife when she was is South Africa. 

Members of MRP, are complaining why the VP of the whole party could date a former party spokesperson who was married at the time.  Members are calling it a bedroom coup where Gumbo intends to use the influence of the vice president to rebound after hurriedly resigning from the party executive sometime back when he started numerous journeys to Harare and ended up taking up a course with a western NGO that sponsors Harare based activists. 

A war of words broke out in one of the MRP south African groups last week, with members from the Thembisa  and Durban branches calling for the VP to step down, claiming her behaviour is void if morality as a leader.

It remains to be seen how the vice President wriggles her way out of this predicament without denting both her and party’s image.