Calvary Prayer Group Launches Programme Against Corruption In Zimbabwe
30 January 2020
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Farai Dziva|Calvary Prayer Group, led by Prophet Isaac Makomichi, has launched an intercession programme for Zimbabwe in the wake of the deepening economic crisis.

The programme also seeks to eradicate corruption through rigorous prayers.

Makomichi, who is also the president of Vulnerable Youth Support Network Trust, has pointed out that the current socio-economic quagmire requires God’s intervention through intercession.

“Calvary Prayer Group comprises Makomichi and several apostles and prophets.I am working closely with Apstole Tapiwa Tongodzai and more than 30 prophets,”said Makomichi.

“People are flocking to the group because of the work that the prayer group is doing,” said one believer.

” Calvary Prayer Group has lined up several programmes meant to seek God’s intervention in the country’s problems.

Let it be known that God can perform great miracles.We were given the authority to declare prosperity in businesses.

Those who lost their lovers are also experiencing great miracles,” said a member of the group in an interview with

Isaac Makomichi