Friend To Murdered Former Lesotho First Lady Flees After Murderer Current First Lady Is Given Bail
6 February 2020
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Thato Sibolla

EWN|Thato Sibolla is seeking protection in South Africa.

Sibolla is the survivor of the 2017 shooting of Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane’s second wife Lipolelo.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Sibolla explains that the controversial circumstances under which Maesaiah Thabane was granted bailhad made her even more afraid.

What we know is that Thato Sibolla has been under the radar since 2017 so one can really imagine what it took for her to come out now.— 

She says she was met with red tape when she went to the Southern African Development Community [offices] and she wasn’t even able to get through to the building.— 

Nthakoana Ngatane, Reporter – Eyewitness News

She is meeting with several organisations to see who can assist her.— 

Nthakoana Ngatane, Reporter – Eyewitness News

Listen to the full interview below…