Tsenengamu And Matutu Ignore Kamlesh Pattni – Why? Watch Video
12 February 2020
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Kamlesh Pattni

Own Correspondent|Zimbabwe has been swindled of forex by a well known convicted Kenyan crook, Kamlesh Pattni. Pattni is the same man who brought down the Kenyan economy in the 1990s selling fake minerals to that government.

This matter, exclusively exposed by ZimEye last year, involves Pattni, several Zimbabwe Revenue Authority officials, Fidelity Printers officers and several bank employees.

While ZANU PF Youth run amok exposing corruption in the country, they have kept quiet about this man and his corruption that is milking the country.

Watch video downloading below on the man destroying the country and Godfrey Tsenengamu and Lewis Matutu exposures that are biased.