Fake Soldier Storms State House, Demands To Speak To ED
4 March 2020
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Zimbabwe State House

A 44-year-old Harare man was arrested after he dressed up as a soldier and went to State House, demanding to have an audience with president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Tichaona Kanengoni suited up in army regalia and masqueraded as a member of the Zimbabwe National Army before going to the state house.

Upon arrival, Kanengoni said he wanted to have a serious talk with the Head of State about the current economic situation plaguing the country.

However, Kanengoni pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court and then the presiding magistrate advised the State to allow Kanengoni to be mentally examined by medical practitioners.

He was being charged with unlawful possession of camouflage uniform, contravening the Road Traffic Act and Criminal trespass.

The facts of the case are as follows:

Kanengoni is said to have parked his Ford Ranger motor vehicle at corner Chancellor Drive and Tongogara Avenue wearing a ZNA camouflage trousers, infantry belt and combat jacket as a way of deceiving the presidential guards to gain entry in the State House.

He was then asked to produce his ZNA identity card but he failed.

As a result, Kanengoni was denied entry at the State House by soldiers who barred him but he insisted on wanting to see the President as he wanted to talk to him.

He was also asked to produce his driver’s licence but failed as he is not a holder of any licence.

Kanengoni was immediately arrested and charges were laid against him.