Passion Java Says: “My Money Comes From Fooling People,” And Says 300Chair BusinessWoman Is Lying Because My Perfume Is More Expensive Than Her Chairs | VIDEO.
14 March 2020
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By Showbiz Reporter| The money-boasting ‘Prophet’ Passion Java has said his money comes from fooling people.

He said this as he denied owing a businesswoman he hired 300 chairs from in 2014. Panganai Java said all this is because his perfume is worth more than chairs to fill up a whole church.

He was speaking on the state owned StarFM program on Friday.

Twabam wiped mouth while answering to ripping woman of her 300 chairs. He said: “haaa, pane vanhu vanenge vatengwa, vanhu vakatengwa Ava.

“Inini Ku hire ma chair manje?

“Perfume yangu inotenga ma chair anozadza church yese,” he said.

While in the interview the victim began calling but for several times her telephone call was not answered. At one time it was picked up but was suddenly dropped within 3 seconds. She was not given a chance to confront the preacher over his alleged lies. She continued until suddenly, bang, the journalist rushed to finish off the matter saying: “taa bho. We’re now okay.”

She later told ZimEye she is upset seeing StarFM did not seem interested in grilling the man so get the real facts