Diaspora Home Coming Event Called Off
15 March 2020
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Events to celebrate the country’s biggest homecoming of Zimbabweans living and working in the Diaspora have been moved to December as the world is trying to manage and control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Running under the ZimThrive banner, the initiative, which is the biggest since independence, involved hosting a month long holiday in Zimbabwe for citizens scattered around the world in April.

The World Health Organisation, the Zimbabwean Government and respective governments globally have been urging minimised travel since the outbreak of Covid-19 in China a few months ago, before it spread to many other countries.

In a statement, Zimthrive executive leadership said it believed it was important to lessen travelling in order to prevent the impact of the virus.

The management has tentatively set December as the hosting month, depending on how the situation unfolds.

“Our key priority is the safety and health of our fellow Zimbabweans and we have collectively made a decision to postpone the impending homecoming scheduled to take place from 1-30 April 2020,” the management said in a statement.

“The event will now take place from 1-31 December 2020.” Through the initiative, Zimbabweans who are scattered around the world are meant to reunite in their motherland.

It will be an opportunity for those who have never visited Zimbabwe to join the group, learn, explore more about the country, enjoy and sight see the famous Zimbabwean culture, art, beauty and history.

The homecoming event will include networking events, sport, parties and concerts, so that there will be something for everyone.

Tours to all key destinations, a move that will promote Zimbabwean tourism, are also expected. Prior to the cancellation, the event had been aggressively marketed.

It had attracted sponsorship from global airlines, corporates, while the organisers were reaching out to Government for support. Herald