150 Forex Dealers Arrested In Byo Following Luke Malaba’s Orders
18 March 2020
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State Media|POLICE in Bulawayo have arrested more than 150 illegal forex dealers in a blitz aimed at restoring sanity in the CBD including the area surrounding Tredgold Buildings which has been dubbed the “World Bank’’.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday said police were acting on the warning they issued on Monday that they would pounce on illegal forex dealers.

There was mayhem and chaos at the area surrounding Tredgold yesterday at around noon when police officers arrived in a number of vehicles into which they bundled Osiphatheleni caught in the act.

“As promised, we are working to restore sanity in the city and today we have arrested more than 150 people for illegal forex dealing. This is an operation by a team under the command of Chief Superintendent Marshal Dube, of Bulawayo Central District. The team arrested more than 150 Osiphatheleni and many others who were blocking the pavement,” he said. “We are going to sustain our raids. We believe Bulawayo people are reasonable and we hope that the message will be heard. We want to protect property and life. We must all make Bulawayo a better place. Such levels of lawlessness cannot be tolerated.”

Illegal forex dealers nabbed in a police raid and a story published by Chronicle yesterday in which police warned the illegal forex dealers

During a tour of Tredgold Buildings last week, Chief Justice Luke Malaba warned Osiphatheleni and other people involved in illegal activities around the building which houses the Bulawayo Magistrates Courts, saying there was an urgent need for them to be permanently flushed out of the area.

In 2018, Chief Justice Malaba also bemoaned the illegal foreign currency exchange activities around the environs of Tredgold Buildings while commissioning three additional courtrooms at the Bulawayo High Court resulting in police clamping down on the money changers.

At that time, police sealed off the parking area around the building but the operation was short-lived and illegal forex dealers made a triumphant return.