Why Is Obadiah Moyo Denying That Zimbabwe Now Has Three Coronavirus Confirmed Cases, Is It Because Chamisa Told The Truth?
22 March 2020
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Obadiah Moyo

Own Correspondent|The Zimbabwean government insists that only a second person has tested positive for coronavirus this a few hours after it announced the first case of COVID-19 on Friday.

In a statement, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo dismissed opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s report that the correct figure is that three people have been affected.

A man identified as a Caucasian was the first person to test positive for coronavirus in Zimbabwe. He recently visited Britain and was quarantined as soon as he landed home in Victoria Falls. According to Chamisa, two more were confirmed in Harare.

Reports on the international count also indicate that Zimbabwe now has three confirmed cases. Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre website that gets reports from medical centres worldwide and keeps the most accurate minute by minute statistic of the virus indicates that zimbabwe now has three cases.

To get the most accurate count on Coronavirus figures in Zimbabwe and the world, follow the link below.