Prof Jonathan Moyo Writes To Malaba, ZACC Over Corrupt Lawyers
12 June 2020
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By A Correspondent- Professor Jonathan Moyo has asked Chief Justice Luke Malaba and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to take action against corrupt lawyers compromising the justice delivery system in Zimbabwe.

Moyo pleaded with Malaba to follow up on allegations made by Information ministry Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana that lawyers were bribing presiding officers to obtain judgments.

Wrote Moyo:

Attention: Chief Justice Luke Malaba
Judge President George Chiweshe
Chief Magistrate Munamoto Mutevedzi

Govt spokesperson, Nick Mangwana, says it’s a fact that magistrates and judges are bought by very corrupt lawyers. Ask him to prove it and take action!

Mangwana had posted on Twitter that:

“We have a coterie of very corrupt lawyers who buy out our, investigating officers, prosecutors, magistrates and judges. They adulterate our whole justice delivery system. They are not above the law they are supposed to uphold. They help derail our anti-corruption fight.”

Mangwana was responding to an outcry that the government was engaging in an wanton crackdown on lawyers who represent clients who are deemed hostile to government.