Message From Dr Muzvare Hazviperi Makoni “No Birthday Wishes For Me Please. Just Watch This Whole Video.”
22 June 2020
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By Hazviperi Makoni

Hazviperi Makoni

I am very sad and angry on my 49th birthday  today. Please grant my one and only wish on my birthday today. Those in Zimbabwe I know you can risk your life if you and so please click it.

I made the video myself.

My official video on my 49th birthday today. No birthday wishes for me please. Just watch this  whole video I made to share a painful story  and if kind enough please share with others.  Nothing is fine for me when such young women are abducted and tortured in Zimbabwe

Am turning 49  today on  22 June 2020. My only wish is for everyone to share this video and help me magnify voice for the young MP from my home country Zimbabwe  called Joana Mamombe and 2 youth leaders Ceceilia and Netsai who were abducted and tortured by Zimbabwe Government state agents. They were forced to eat faeces, their breasts were sucked. I asked UNWomen and other big organisations to do a risk assessment and put safeguarding measures in place to no avail. The three are in maximum prison and of ill health. They are being charged for reporting that they were abducted and sexually violated. What cruelty.

Please grant my one wish to donate to the young women leaders too. The loss to human potential is massive.

Watch the video downloading below. Please be patient as the video downloads.

Hazviperi Betty Makoni is a Zimbabwean women’s rights activist who in 1999 founded the Girl Child Network, a charity which supports Zimbabwe’s young sex abuse victims.