MDC Turns 21: Full Text
11 September 2020



Today is the 11th of September 2020, this is a mammoth day in the history of the Mdc(rebranded as the Mdc Alliance) a political behemoth which was configured on the same day in September 1999.

As Mdc Alliance Namibia, we are enveloped by bumper excitement as we laud and honour the birthday of the people’s project led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

We want to conjugate with all social democrats around the globe for their resilience in confronting factionalism sponsored by desperate Zanupf.

It is quite horrible to celebrate our anniversary when our headquarters was invaded by Zanupf surrogates with the assistance of their satanic godfathers in captured courts.

As a Movement, we believe that the people’s party do not reside in buildings but in the hearts of genuine revolutionaries who continue to fight for the change that delivers.

As committed and dedicated fighters in the national democratic revolution born on the 11th of September 1999, we want to strongly commemorate this holy day bearing in mind how we survived for 21 donkey years in an authoritarian environment.

They tried invain every trick in their books of repression to decimate and break our resolve to fight for a people’s government, denial of personal freedoms and establishment of constitutionalism and the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

Instead of breaking beyond recovery, revolutionaries in the Mdc Alliance exhibited their quest to endure untold torture and abductions at the hands of Zanupf dictatorship. All this did not affect our revolutionary trajectory but hardened social democrats to forge ahead with the varlour, mettle and nerve needed for real change and personal freedoms.

Moreover, despite many losing their lives through daylight human butchery, some lost beloved properties, jobs , opportunities and dignity, members of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance remained glued to the change that delivers. I would want to grab this opportunity to salute all those who have been abused, pointing to our sisters(Joanna, Cecilia and Netsai) who have been raped and subjected to all sorts of inhuman treatment at the hands of state agents including being compelled to drink a colleague’s urine but they soldiered on.

We completely refused to be compromised or swallowed like Khupe, Mwonzora, Dumbu ,Komichi , Mashakada and cronies who decided to sell the people’s project for three pieces of silver.

Moreso, we are very firm and ready as an alternative government. We are Mdc Alliance! We are emerging stronger , rebranded and rejuvenated under the astute leadership of President Nelson Chamisa. Today is a collosal day , 21 years since the inception of the party on September 11 1999 is a step and plateau braving the highest degree of repression.

Furthermore, as a party , we endured unprecedented Bornapatism from the corrupt and satanic regime. As we celebrate our birthday , it is fundamental to applaud the Secretariat and Treasury for a successful launch of an Online registration of our bonafide Mdc Alliance members.

This development is a marvel to watch given that it was a fulfilment of our desire for the smart administration we always preach on rallies and party policies. We encourage our membership to subscribe and donate to the Movement of the people so that we can self-sponsor our struggle for socio-economic transformation.

The invention came at a time when Zanupf and their enablers robbed us of our 7.5 million dollars and gave it to the judicially-sponsored Mdc-Thokozani led by captured Khupe. We are now able to finance our internal party activities and we shall continue to subscribe to the national democratic struggle.

In a nut shell, Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the rebranded Mdc Alliance. Together, united , committed and dedicated , we shall complete our fight against senseless and barefaced corruption. Thank you President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and your team for keeping our dreams and aspirations for a new Great Zimbabwe alive! Victory against peaceful slavery is certain! Aluta continua.


Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya