“Hands Off MDC Alliance”: Komichi Tells Chamisa
22 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Senator Morgen Komichi, who defected to the Thokozani Khupe faction led MDC T has urged MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa to form his own political party arguing that it was disrespectful of him to claim being leader of the MDC Alliance.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ZimEye, Komichi advised Chamisa to become the founding father of his own political party which bore no semblence to MDC- T or MDC Alliance.

Said Komichi:

“You know what happened in March our story the MDC -T story after Tsvangirai’s death, our issue went to the courts and we got a ruling from the courts in Zimbabwe.

It came out where the Supreme Court ruling that what you did after Tsvangirai’s death where you elected his replacement, it was not above board so go back to extra ordinary congress which is the right way to go when a leader of your party dies.

So after that we did not agree with other party cadres but I insisted that we should follow the law….

Tsvangirai’s place is still vacant. It has not yet been filled to date.. meaning that Madam Khupe is the leader of MDC T and she is automatically the leader of MDC Alliance.

So Nelson Chamisa cannot say MDC Alliance is his party… he has no party because it was an alliance. This is why we are using it.

If he says MDC Alliance is his party, its disrespect to Constitutionalism. Those who are in parliament as MDC Alliance MPs and councillors, they belong to us as MDC T.

MDC T has the right to discipline its MPs in parliament. We have a right to discipline our Senators.

We won at court.. and we cannot be forced to change our names towards elections. If we go as MDC T, there will be conflict of identity. Our MPs cannot be labelled MDC T and MDC Alliance at the same time. So starting December, for the by elections we will be using that name.

We are serious about this. But we have advice to our friends..(Nelson Chamisa), sit down and form your own party. we want to work together and we need to find each other so that we resolve the Zimbabwean crisis.

We are wasting time fighting each other. violating our Constitutions….my advice to our erstwhile friends is that they should focus.

Chamisa has not yet announced the name of his party. Chamisa and his grouping are expected to come up with their own political party which does not confuse us the (MDC T).

My advice to him is that he should form his own party. They could be a big party in the future, who knows. Maybe it’s God’s plan. God has his own plans of doing things. It could be that he may be the founding father of his own political party, who knows.

….and such is life, who knows. We may converge in the future, who knows. Who knows the future. We may meet again and become best friends and go on with our lives.”

Watch Morgen Komichi speaking…. (please be patient as the video uploads)