Unlawful Detention And Sending To Chikurubi Maximum Prison of Joanna Mamombe Is Another New Low,” Chamisa Speaks On Youth Leader Persecution
25 September 2020

President Chamisa on Twitter :

The unlawful detention and sending to Chikurubi maximum prison of Youth leader and MP Hon Mamombe is another new low, a classic case of continuing victimization.

It is clear that the State which is implicated in this case can not deliver justice. We demand an INDEPENDENT INQUIRY!

This continued persecution of these emblems of change is a direct threat to democratic tenets and freedom. Oppressors fear the power of the future that the young women represent. We stand with the young & fearless. We fight for their right to dignity, freedom and justice.

The MDC trio represent what Zimbabwe could be if we made room for the NEW.They are women of courage and conviction.The trio and all young pple are the embodiment of a New Zimbabwe we can create in which young women can freely participate in political activity and nation building.