Tsvangirai Passed The Scepter To Chamisa: Dread Reckless In Latest Album
27 September 2020
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By John Mutsengi | In his latest album ‘Tsvimbo Yehumambo’ Field Marshall Dread Reckless, arguably the most popular pro-MDC Alliance revolutionary musician in track number two which is the title track ‘Tsvimbo Yehumambo,’ poetically sings he has seen Tsvangirai passing the scepter to popular MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa from the clouds.

The talented musician rose to fame with his debut album ‘Nharembozha’ in 2007 which took the nation by storm for it was the first of its kind in the sense that in his songs he
fearlessly attacked the ZANU PF government openly. The songs like ‘Mhondoro Yenyika’, ‘Sadaam Waenda Sare Bhobho and ‘Fambai Gwara Rimwe,’ instantly put him on the spotlight.

His second album, ‘Tiri Parwendo NaTsvangirai was even more belligerent and he confesses that he composed the songs after they had suffered massive torture at the hands of the Mugabe regime together with his backing vocalist, Sister Fearless.

Soon after their release, the duo skipped the border and sought refuge in neighboring Botswana.

Asked what prompted him to compose the song ‘Tsvimbo Yehumambo’ Dread Reckless said, “It has come to my attention that almost everyone in senior positions in our beloved party after the passing on of our founding father Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in 2018, they all wanted to take over.

On the ball… Dread Reckless

“As someone who has been with this party for a long time, as someone who worked with our iconic father and as a senior musician in our party with a legion of followers, I knew I had to take it upon my shoulder to enlighten our loyal supporters that it is President Nelson Chamisa who was anointed by our legendary leader. Chamisa was there from the beginning of MDC. He was loyal to President Tsvangirai, has been loyal to the party; And that’s why president Tsvangirai saw it fit to pass the baton to him,” says Dread Reckless.

This latest offering proves that Dread Reckless has come of age and like wine is getting better with age; Very perceptible is the fact that he has now heavily blended his music with the seTswana traditional music flavor.