Obert Gutu Blasts Chamisa And Khupe Says They Both Shouldn’t Be Accorded Power
30 September 2020

Paul Nyathi

Obert Gutu

Former MDC Spokesperson Obert Gutu says that neither of the warring MDC factions between Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T and MDC Alliance led by advocate Nelson Chamisa should be put near the levers of power as they are disposed to turn the peaceful political landscape into a war zone.

Gutu, described his former allies as a “group of foolish flies that are following a corpse into the grave”.

“This is a race to the bottom. All the various MDC factions that are currently involved in this blood-letting and self-cannibalisation are losers because there are no winners in a race to the bottom. In fact, there’s absolutely no method to this madness. The MDC as a viable and strong opposition political party is now history.

“It’s dead and buried. Trust me. Maybe from the ashes of the MDC will emerge various political parties, but the chances of a reconciliation of all these various antagonistic factions are virtually zero,” said Mr Gutu.

Gutu blasted the Chamisa side claiming that failure by the Chamisa faction to have its way often leads to violence adding that the opposition party has within its ranks activists who can be described as terrorists.

“The culture of intolerance and violence has ultimately led to the complete disintegration of the MDC. The ghost of violence and vile intolerance has been festering within the MDC for a very long time. Anyone who harbours a different view from the violent so-called Vanguards and their scheming handlers is branded a traitor and a sell-out who must be beaten up if not killed.

“In reality, the Vanguards are an indiscipline, intolerant, drunken and extremely violent militia routinely unleashed by some top leaders within the MDC Alliance faction to cause anarchy and mayhem.

“The Vanguards are, in every respect, akin to a terrorist organisation. The judiciary is unfairly accused of being captured each time that they hand over judgments that are unfavourable to the Vanguards and their handlers. When the judiciary hands out judgments favourable to these people, their silence is deafening. These thugs can’t be trusted with State power lest Zimbabwe will quickly degenerate into a violent war zone,” said Mr Gutu.