MDC Alliance Unhappy With SADC Silence On Abuse Of Human Rights In Zim
28 October 2020

The MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa has castigated SADC for remaining mum while the human rights, economic and political situation in Zimbabwe implodes.

The development came to light on social media when the SADC secretariate Stergomena Tax on 25 October the Zimbabwe Anti Sanctions day tweeted a solidarity message with Zimbabwe and said:

Sadc reiterates the call for unconditional lifting of sanctions so as to enable Zimbabwe to improve the livelihoods of her citizens and for unhindered development

MDC Alliance secretary for international affairs Gladys Hlatywayo responded to Dr Tax and said:

Since August 2018, more than 50 Zimbabweans have been killed, 105 were abducted including the three MDC young women who were se_xually abused by State agents. We never heard the voice of Sadc on these human rights violations. Why is it so Your Excellency?

Dr Tax did not respond to Hlatywayo. SADC has remained quiet while other entities including the African Union, South Africa, the United Nations have agreed that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe.

SADC only surfaced when the ruling party Zanu PF and the government increased their anti-sanctions campaigns and showed solidarity with them despite evidently being quite on other issues bedeviling the Southern African nation.-NewsDay