Walter Magaya To Lose Everything As Court Begins Seizing Properties To Refund His FraudVictims
2 November 2020

How you have fallen from heaven,
You a star of the morning, son of the dawn!
You have been cut down to the earth,
You who defeated the nations!
13 But you said in your heart,
‘I will ascend to heaven;
I will raise my throne above the stars of God,

And I will sit on the mount of assembly
In the recesses of the north.
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High.’ – Isaiah 14:12-14

He used to not only terrorise his victims, he would steal from them, and while some would lose money, more than 15 others would lose their very lives – Walter Magaya’s vile glory has come to an end.

Walter Magaya

By A Correspondent| A Harare elderly woman was ordered to sell her posh flat in the Harare CBD and hand the money to controversial preacher Walter Magaya for a fake property he claimed was under construction in the Westgate area.

The self proclaimed prophet forced the vulnerable elder, who is a pensioner, to trade off her residence for a non existent mansion.

To force his sale through, Magaya had shown her a place where he announced he is building new flats, in Wonderland Estates (after Westgate along Lomagundi road).

This is a scheme first exposed by three years ago.

ZimEye remains dedicated to expose more of Magaya’s frauds, to give victims a voice so they can recover their money’s.

At one point Magaya had already taken the woman to the fake property “saying this is yours.” She would 3 years later discoverthat it was all fake and the whole piece of land is actually owned by some Chinese businessperson.

At one time during court hearings, the elder’s lawyer tried to obtain restitution from an unfinished property at the estate, only to be told that the so called MAGAYA estate has since been sold off to some undisclosed Chinese businessmen, as the complainant narrates.

“My client was concerned saying she might be killed by MAGAYA’s people. According to her MAGAYA kills those who exposes him,” the lawyer Frank Nyangani tells ZimEye.

“It was MAGAYA who persuaded her saying you can actually sell this flat and invest in this bigger thing,” he adds.

He continues saying, “all along she was scared if the matter is published…”

Mr Nyangani however said she has since changed her mind and now says, “if he kills me let him kill me.”

Magaya had shown her 20 houses.

Magaya’s defence was the elderly had paid USD70,000 and he says this was a deposit; she is supposed to pay USD 140,000 so she must pay him an additional USD70,000 and he will refund her USD70,000 in bond note value.

A writ of execution has since been obtained to attach Magaya’s property.