Police Say They Still Haven’t Arrested Cal-Vin’s Killer Besides A Man Handing Himself Over
6 November 2020
Calvin Nhliziyo

POLICE say they are seized with finding the person responsible for the death of Zimbabwe hip hop king Cal Vin urging the public to be patient while they do their job.

Last week, one Mr Wifred Mafuka, handed himself over to the police in connection with the hit and run accident near Cal Vin’s Luveve 5 home in Bulawayo on October 24.

Mafuka has however temporarily been exenorated by police.

According to police reports Mr Mafuka has a different car from what was reported, he owns a Mazda Attenza.

Witness reports say that the car which ran over Cal Vin was a white Mazda Familiar.

More so the “suspect” has got an alibi and is reported to have been attending an Anti-Sanctions Gala at Rainbow Hotel during the time of the hit and run.

It is understood that he handed himself to the police so as to clear his name as many people were suspecting him.

Sources say Mr Mafuka was never charged and the dents on his car dated back to 11 October.

His car bumpers are all intact and VID Bulawayo also reported that there was no link with the bumper of the car that killed Cal Vin.

The killers are still out there at large and it is the community who can help the police and Cal Vin’s family to find closure. Cal vin’s funeral was yesterday with his body taken on a tour of the city.

Mgcini “Cal Vin” Nhliziyo was buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery in Bulawayo yesterday, after thousands had packed the Amphitheatre to say final goodbyes to him.

A celebration more than a funeral he was buried like a king.