“President Nelson Chamisa’s Popularity Continues To Rise “
9 November 2020

By Pafungeyi Gore

8 November 2020

There have been frantic efforts by Zanu PF to throw President Chamisa to political oblivion. The people in the streets especially of Harare have got one message, no matter what the party structures or the so called captured judiciary say they will continue voting for President Chamisa.

Their message is clear and that what is happening in the MDC is the work of the enemy who fears competition , who acts as if they own title deeds for Zimbabwe.

The people are suffering and Zanu PF instead of focusing on the economy it focuses on closing the little democratic space that we have in the country.

Those willing to be used by the system in enabling it to deal with President Chamisa are indeed aiding in growing brand Chamisa.

The struggle being led and driven by President Chamisa is a struggle to emancipate the people of Zimbabwe. Zanu PF has been fighting illusory wars since 18 April 1980.

It has been chasing it’s shadow which it will never catch. The admittance by one Kembo Mohadi that they were never taught how to run the country and make it great gives credence to the attempt by the so called revolutionary party to bury the opposition.

In her efforts Zanu PF will fail dismally as the MDC identify with the downtrodden and fight for their emancipation . The people of Zimbabwe know how people like President Chamisa sacrificed in order to liberate Zimbabwe.

The people will not be easily swayed ambiguous judgements. The people are indeed resolute in their pursuit of a just society which is possible in our lifetime.

Zanu PF abuse securocrats and it’s not a secret that they serve at the pleasure of Zanu PF. The ban of by-elections under the guise of Covid19 clearly indicate that the country’s intelligence reported to the authorities that their attempts to annihilate the opposition using Lawfare are indeed failing to gain traction as people are waiting to reelect MDC Alliance MPS and councillors.

And indeed the use of Lawfare has emboldened the resolve by the people to fight Zanu PF head on and vote for MDC and president Chamisa in particular whenever elections are called for.

The continuous negative media coverage of President Chamisa help him in growing the Chamisa brand. Even those who might not be interested in politics would want to dig deep why the regime’s ideological state apparatus are all pointing at Nelson Chamisa. They are definitely asking themselves questions ranging from what has he done to warranty such character assassination, Why him only is being targeted?

Rogue regimes will never target useless people, they target those threatening the thrown and President Chamisa
is one such.

As 2023 fast approaches the people of Zimbabwe are indeed identifying genuine opposition leaders and masquerades.

President Chamisa