Zim Under Emmerson Mnangagwa Is A “Living Nightmare”-Biti
13 November 2020

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance deputy president, Hon Tendai Biti, has said Zimbabwe under the leadership of Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is a “living nightmare.”

Mr Mnangagwa’s sole agenda is to cause the suffering of citizens according to the hard-hitting MDC Alliance deputy president.

“It is the continued persecution of activists that is particularly hurtful .

The harassment of Hopewell,Ngadziore ,Job, Mahere, Ngaribvumwe ,Kura, the MDCATrio and all of us is a crime against humanity.The weaponization of the law is particularly unfortunate. The regime has no shame.

Zimbabwe under Emmerson is a living nightmare. It drains you sucks out entire soul like a JK Rowling dementor.When a regime has as its sole agenda the suffering of its people then that regime should be nowhere near the seat of governance .

The regime is the worst gvt in history of gvts.

At the end of the day the real issue in Zim is a crisis of governance and leadership .

The nation carries the burden of illegitimacy, of corrupt incompetent clueless and incompetent leadership. Collectively we change gears and put an end to this .It’s time for change,” argued Hon Biti.

Tendai Biti