More Demolitions Looming In Harare
23 November 2020
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By CHRA| Residents of Harare should brace themselves for mass demolitions after the Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC), for Harare, Mr Muguti instructed Harare City Council to unleash demolitions on illegal settlements.

He made the remarks at a full council meeting held in Harare at Town House last week.

“All illegal settlements should be evicted and those who have an opportunity to be regularized, planning should commence immediately through the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works”, declared Mr Muguti.

He went on to warn that “there will be no regularization without prosecution.”The City of Harare obtained a High Court Order to demolish “illegal” settlements in the City and twenty housing cooperatives will be affected by the recent High Court Order.

However, residents who were allocated stands on wetlands by the City of Harare in areas like Mabvuku (behind Simudzai Primary School) and Tafara (near Tafara Cemetery) are living in fear of being homeless.

Land grabs in the City of Harare has been perpetuated by partisan politics and corruption in the management of both state and council land.

CHRA calls on depoliticisation of land governance in Harare an issue that has seen the emergency of land barons and partisan corrupt allocation of stands in the City