Zimbabwean Woman Dies At Beitbridge Border Post
22 December 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Inside Beitbridge Border Post

Reports just received indicate that a Zimbabwean woman collapsed and died at the Beitbridge border post while waiting on a bus on Tuesday.

A report by eNCA indicates that Passengers travelling with the woman told reporters she “complained of fatigue and asked fellow passengers to pray for her”. She was reportedly also “feeling dizzy” and passed away soon after.

According to the bus driver, the woman approached him to ask if she could exit the bus because it was hot and she needed fresh air. She collapsed while exiting the bus, and passengers rushed to assist her.

The bus driver explained that they “held her and gave her water”. Her condition improved and she exited the bus. However, when she returned, she was unable to remain upright. The driver added:

“Some of the ladies in the bus started praying for her and pouring water on her head and giving her some water to drink. As time went by, she lost consciousness and passed away”.